European trademark

European trademark

The European trademark allows you to obtain, with a single application, a valid protection on the whole territory of the community: (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands , Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and those who will eventually join it).

This registration system coexists with national and international ones according to the Madrid Agreement. The CTM Office is based in Alicante in Spain. Once an application has been received, this office proceeds to carry out a further ANTERIORITY RESEARCH between the Community trademarks while each country, with the exception of Italy in France and Germany, carries out a national search. Following this, the trademark is published and it is possible that oppositions may be presented by those who believe they have rights to that name and do not want it to be registered.

Once this phase has been successfully completed, the trademark is published and registered in the classes indicated in the application. This trademark gives the owner the exclusive right to use that name throughout the European community for 10 years, and it is possible to renew it. The trademark expires if it is not used for a period of 5 years from registration. If the application for registration of a Community trademark is not accepted for reasons existing only in some countries of the union, the application can, in certain cases, be converted into a national application in the other states where this impediment does not exist. EC Regulation number 404/94 of 20.12.1993.


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