Patent advertising

Patent advertising

The CELSUS Studio has formulated a series of services in order to aid the inventor searching for a potential buyer. According to the needs of the client, the most suitable advertising strategy that could be adopted, is identified. Successively, we proceed with the realization of sketches, drawings, graphic drafts, posters, descriptions, translations, etc., which allow the customer to better move himself in the advertising sector. Furthermore, CELSUS Studio collaborates with agencies which have regularly updated data bases of companies of every kind, with the possibility of selecting the potential buyers, on the basis of some parameters, like numbers of employees, turnover, etc. Below are some of our main services.

1) Promofax is an innovative service allowing its user, to make a professional presentation of his patent instantaneously arrived on the desk of the manager of a company. Fax is a document that, as revealed by many recent market researches, is read in 90% of the cases, therefore its consultation is virtually certain. Furthermore, fax owners have always been high-average income companies, so ensuring the interested party a first selection benefiting the fruition of the operation. Our service is carried out in two phases. Once we’ve identified the right names through specialised agencies, we proceed with the realization of an introducing letter of the invention containing drawings and a short description, trying to highlight the essential features, in order to promote its purchase. The second phase involves first talks with interested firms.

2) Direct mailing is a service that allows the inventor to benefit from the name of the advice office, in order to be certain that the presentation letter of the Patent or a product is really examined. As a matter of fact, companies hardly consider mail sent by unknown individuals, while it’s statistically certain that the mail of an office, like ours, working in a specified sector, will be probably read. Hence, the necessity of a prestige mediator who can provide for the drafting of a professional letter with Detailed drawings and descriptions of the Patent, and then deal first talks with interested firms.

3) Publication is an avant-garde press service specifically suitable for inventors and traders. Till now, publication on national magazines was virtually impossible. Today things have changed. Our office, when necessary, can take professional photos of products, Prototypes, etc. In the event an Inventor hasn’t got a Prototypes, on request, we’ll realize it. Then, we write journal articles that will be sent to editorial offices of newspapers and magazines of this field, equipped with photos, drawings and your telephone numbers, so offering you an extraordinary publicity chance. Contacts resulted by publication will be successively transmitted to our office that will provide for calling interested parties preparing a first negotiation in a professional way.

4) Many firms, Inventors, artists, etc., that have products to sell or services to offer, especially during fairs, markets, art exhibitions, don’t have time to explain exhaustively what they are doing, selling and showing, maybe the object is complex, the service too difficult to be explained in few words, and in some exhibitions turnout is very high. All these things get the exhibitor into difficulty. For solving this problem, CELSUS Studio prepare a draft for a leaflet to be folded in three parts, where service, patent or other will be exhaustively described with descriptions, drawings, etc. Once the leaflets are printed, client will decide whether deliver them directly at the stand, inside exhibitions, markets, fairs, or send them by mail.

5) People, either Inventors, artists or traders, who are often involved in fairs or public exhibitions, in order to stand out from other exhibitors, showing their professional image, have a constant imperative: to present oneself at best. That is obtained by first visual impact of the potential client. As a matter of fact, fitting the stand out perfectly, with a well-realized poster or banner placed in the background, everything arranged in all details, for capturing the visitor’s imagination, can result a successful manoeuvre, which often leads up to the sale of one’s products, patents or services. The poster, standard size 150 x 80, is realized in multilayer or mediodensit or PVC plastic with writings and drawings realized by designers, painted with high-quality paints or printed by silk-screen process by specialized printing firms, in order to avoid its wear. On request, it’s possible to change standard sizes, with a minimum surcharge on the list price.

6) Internet is the most powerful means of communication that man has ever invented. CELSUS Studio is among the first in Italy offering everyone the opportunity to create his/her space in the computer network Internet, on the occasion of the TELEMATIC EXHIBITION OF INVENTIONS, for one year: a Home Page at competitive price, equipped with photos and a wide description of the patent. The site will be constantly publicised on national magazines, and CELSUS Studio will put at clients disposal besides its address, also an E-mail box. Once the Home Page has been realized, CELSUS Studio will print it in order to show it to the client, communicating immediately contacts established with firms, investors, etc. The company which offers the pop has declared that more than 26.000 visitors have visited its site, called TDnet, in just one month. Our service includes: drafting of the text and graphic realization of a Home Page, our traditional and electronic address, starting-up of first talks and successive communication of contacts to customer.

N.B. Our office is associated with S.R. PATENT & COPYRIGHT. Every member of the association will be granted 10% discount.


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